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Edge Consulting offers technology consulting, focused on research, product development, digital channel, platform and application development. In addition to technical consulting and managed services, Edge provides advisory services to a wide range of industries including Healthcare, Logistics, Cloud, Legal, Retail, and Telecom.

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Our Mission

Over the past century, the term ‘Consulting’ in a business and technology sense has become diluted and polluted to the point where it is derided by many. We are on a mission to return the reputation, credibility, and esteem to the term ‘Consultant’ so it will be considered by our clients as authentic expertise. Our business charter defines our principals of standing ONLY for the customer, without external bias or influence.

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Our Approach

We are approached by businesses in a wide range of industries to help tackle a variety of challenges. These engagements can vary in strategic importance but they are typically focussed on a specific well defined problem. We approach each project by first spending time on a comprehensive understanding process. Edge offers the most value when it can bring capabilities the business doesn’t know exist to create new growth and better execution. 

Translate vision into reality

Our goal is simply to help our clients find their edge. We were founded on this principle and we will always be committed to it.

Our Approach

We take an innovative approach combined with a disciplined research process to everything we do. It is backed up by our commitment to ‘Authentic Consulting’, which means we do not have affiliate or partner relationships that could bias our findings or influence what we build for our clients. We have grown through referral - which, for us, is validation of the value we bring our clients.

Reputation and Experience

We bring years of experience and knowledge gained from both succeeding and failing. Our Partners each have transparent and successful track records.


We think out of the box. We have a strong track record of both using and building technology to achieve results in a variety of industries.

Growth Through Referral

We have grown through referral - which, for us, is validation of the value we bring our clients.

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Many of our clients begin by simply asking for our advice. It may be a technology assessment or a more general advisory service

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We conduct market and product research services for a number of industries using techniques that encompass both qualitative and quantitative approaches

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Our teams of architects and developers build technology solutions and platforms for our clients. Each development team follows industry standard practices specific to their practice area.

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We deploy teams to help you grow….. Revenue, Subscribers, Communities, Clients, Visitors, Teams, Brand recognition, products……

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