Edge Healthcare service


Edge has a dedicated practice focussed on improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare through the use of technology.

Edge is engaged by both large and small health organizations to assess technologies and assist in the development and implementation of new technology. Edge has a strong track record of building technology platforms in a variety of industries to drive transformation and it uses this experience to help healthcare clients restructure and organize their technology.

Our Range

Technology Assessment

Our advisory practice engages with healthcare clients for independent assessments of existing technology and roadmaps. (Edge is founded on strong principles of ‘Authentic Consulting’ - meaning it does not have any affiliate or other financial relationships that would influence its findings). Often Included in these assessments is a compliance and security audit to assess vulnerabilities and potential data exposure. Penetration testing and other more advanced on-going security audits can follow, depending on the exposures that are discovered.

API Development

Secure API’s between encrypted sources of data can significantly improve data quality and automate previously manual data entry. Edge uses a Ruby on Rails secure design and a predefined Edge HIPAA Complaint API framework to develop API’s and enable Machine to Machine sharing.

UI Development

Edge has teams of full-stack developers that follow a customized Edge approach to healthcare application development. This methodology specifically takes into account the sectors special data sovereignty and encryption requirements. PHI data separation during code build and testing phases is maintained and incorporated into the on-going support architecture. Edge has built apps in various clinical settings including Neuro, Physical and Rehabilitation Therapy practice areas.

Automation Bots

Edge develops Bots to automate manual processes, in addition to data entry, handling alerts and other forms of notifications, BOTS are also developed as a primary source of Quality checking automation for PHI reviews. Bots automate simple compliance checks and perform basic remediation where possible. (The use and development of AI BOTS is done using Google AI engines).


Edge has built and deployed platform ecosystems in a variety of industries. Platforms are proven to be the most efficient technology architecture. By leveraging common services, our clients are able to avoid duplication of technology, data silo’s and security risks. Edge experienced engineers who have built and deployed HIPAA compliant platforms using Virtual Private Cloud resources and services.

Edge Platform Construction

Record Management

Edge advises and develops solutions that aid healthcare clients in the management and transfer of PHI and other health related documents and images. These services are often conducted following an assessment process.

PHI Management Services