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Edge has a dedicated practice aimed at helping our clients Grow….. Revenue, Subscribers, Communities, Clients, Visitors, Teams, Brand recognition, products……

In each case Edge helps define what is needed and develops a detailed execution plan. To learn more about how Edge builds teams to deliver results check out our page on Edge ‘Crews’ to deliver the result.

An Edge Crew will consist of every resource required to achieve the goal. Full daily and weekly visibility is provided to clients into the crew and it’s activity.

Our Range

Digital Channel

Edge specializes in driving growth through digital channels. Our approach is to first develop a detailed understanding of the channel goals and a technical audit of existing web assets. Based on the overall digital strategy defined, we establish clear calls to action on the pages where we plan to drive growth and implement triggers to monitor them real time. A digital channel crew’s daily activities can include building new landing pages, tuning existing web pages, setting up ad campaigns, building affiliate programs and improving domain ranking profiles by using back-linking, referral-linking, and outreach. We bring a technology approach with full-stack developers, SEO experts, out-reach teams and PPC ad campaign gurus. We have a special focus on using data to inform our progress and we build and automate funnel reporting by building API’s and connecting in-house systems to your Ad Word and Analytics data. This creates a full life cycle view, from search and click to becoming a customer. Finally we connect this information automatically to your internal communication tools using Bots to post reports and progress automatically. Winning in digital is no longer a choice - its a critical need for most businesses today.

Product Development

Edge has been involved in designing, creating / updating, marketing and providing a product to a target audience.Realistic expectations = Real outcomes.

Customized Execution Plans

Because we only build execution plans on initiatives where we are involved in a strategic stage, Edge is able to construct tactical plans and contractually commit to them. In those situations we are willing to put our tactical and execution skills to work. We typically agree to KPI’s and SLA’s that show commitment to the strategy.

Affiliate Plans

We have experience in building, implementing and operating a broad range of affiliate marketing models. We typically build a scalable model that can add crew’s as the affiliate channel builds. Each crew combines researchers, backlink out reach teams and front end developers, as the sales funnel builds crews are added to handle demand.

Project Leadership

Edge only provides technical project managers and not generalists. NOTE: This will limit the focus and capability for some project that you require.

Talent Acquisition

We know people.

Market and Customer Surveying

Customer experience is a fundamental pillar to our methodology. We believe understanding the experience of customers creates relevance to your business.