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Edge Partners are engaged in retainer based agreements to join teams that are looking to add experience and opinion in a variety of settings. General engagement, Board and Executive level advisory services are available in addition to engagements relating to specific projects.

See below, for our full range of Advisory and Strategic services.

Our Range

Digital Channel

The digital channel is a critical part of any businesses engagement with the world. Whether it is for lead generation, shopping cart conversion or community education and building, we will perform a full digital presence review and provide actionable detailed recommendations covering critical digital channel attributes; User experience, call to action and conversion optimization, traffic analysis, demand generation techniques (including Ads, SEO, Web Affiliates and Social traffic sources), community and user engagement, SEO, technology, performance and security.

Market Research and Analysis

Market research is a key factor in maintaining competitiveness. Our techniques encompass both qualitative, such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, and ethnography, as well as quantitative techniques such as customer surveys, and analysis of secondary data.

Competitive Analysis

We use their products. We use your products. We use our experiences as a foundation for our research. We look at qualative aspects of the market, such as pricing and brand position. Most importantly we tell you what we think - we think you hired us to tell you what we think, versus what we think you want to hear or what might cause the best outcome for us. We provide an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors only after we have experienced them. Then the spreadsheets come out.

Deal Structure Modeling

We provide recommendations after detailed analysis and understanding of Rationale, Situational and Social considerations. We have in house experience of most structures including asset purchases and can offer advice based on actual transactional experience.

Investor and Board pitch development

Edge has built pitch decks for several well known start-ups and assisted in fund raising. We offer advice on deal structure and timing of investment as well as guidelines on investor expectations based on extensive prior experience.

Technology Assessment

Technology is generally defined as "science or knowledge applied to a definite purpose." We invest as much time in understanding the purpose as we do researching and assessing the correct technology for our customers. We have no, affiliate or 'partnership' relationships which would bias findings and our method is practical which doesn't involve 'Magic' or 'Waves'.​

Acquisition Engagement

Acquisitions can be transformational.....We have investor and board advisory services on acquisitions at various sizes. Merger and integration models we provide are based on prior lessons learned from failures and successes.

Business Development

Solving our customers problems and helping them achieve their goals sometimes involves reaching out to organizations and people outside of their company . We focus on the relationships required to achieve success and we offer to mediate introductions and facilitate agreements with outside parties. Our extensive experience in partnership agreement and negotiation has helped our clients consider and implement a broad range of business relationship models.

Financial Modeling

Preparation and development of detailed financial models intended for use in strategic planning.

Due Diligence Services

We will conduct comprehensive appraisals of a business on behalf of prospective buyers, focusing on establishing assets and liabilities. Depending on the stage of our involvement we will evaluate commercial potential.

Product Strategy

Successfully developing new products, presents unique challenges for large and small organizations. A true connection to the user with an authentic purpose requires a deliberate and focused to process. We take our clients through a rigorous grounding process, helping them prioritize and make strategic decisions regarding existing and new products. The output is a simple, clear concise Roadmap.