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Crew Method

The accomplishment of a business goal requires the completion of multiple tasks that can be categorized into functions. For the highest possible chance of success, it stands to reason that every task should be completed by an experienced person who is an expert at that task. It is unlikely that one person can be an expert at all things. An Edge Crew is a group of people, matched to a specific purpose who are each an expert in their discipline. Crew’s operate in a circular organization model, not hierarchical. Project Management, ‘Team Leadership’ is not required and is not an overhead our Client’s pay for. In the use of the term ‘team’ it is inferred that a role exists who’s only purpose is to organize and motivate. In a crew every member has a useful purpose, each as important as the next.

How it Works

Step 1

After a detailed understand process is complete specifc measurable goals are defined, documented and measurement method agreed

Step 3

Assigning resources to a crew follows a specific Edge process which includes completing an assignment tailored specifically for the need.

Step 2

A detailed tactical plan is created with specific tasks, then skills are identified and divided into logical functions that categorize guide the crew building process.

Step 4

Crew is operational when each function has its own expert then weekly metrics are in place and tracked until the goal is complete.

How It Works

How Edge Crew Works

Case Study Concepts

NOTE: Edge does not dilvulge it’s relationship with clients or use clients for testimonials in marketing literature. The following describes similar concepts that our clients have engaged us with.

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