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Digital Transformation

Business leaders in all industries are realizing they must drive change and innovation to stay competitive.  IT organizations are being asked to help set business strategies for change as opposed to reacting to business requests for implementing and operating traditional systems. This collaboration is the foundation for a successful Digital Transformation.
Digital transformation means fundamentally and intentionally impacting all aspects of a business and its culture by leveraging technology.  It requires an assessment and significant reinvention of nearly all areas within a company including organization, partnerships, processes, workforce, skills, customer services and ultimately how value is delivered.
Digital Transformation isn’t necessarily about technology, but about the technologies that are enabling true business change — not the kind of change that is supporting, evolving, or even enhancing current business solutions.  This is about business agility — enabling the business to make real innovations in products and services significantly faster than ever before.

Key components

Leadership Driving Change

Savvy leaders at all levels recognize change is critical to business sustainability.

  • Assess competitive landscape
  • Identify opportunities
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Form a powerful coalition of leaders with enough power to drive change
  •  Create a vision to help direct the change effort
  • Develop strategies for achieving that vision
  • Communicate the new vision and strategies 
  • Teach new behaviors
  • Lead by example
  • Empower others to act on the vision
  • Remove obstacles to change
  • Encourage risk taking and non traditional ideas, activities and actions
  • Plan for visible performance improvement
  • Use increased credibility to change/replace/retire systems, structures and policies to align to vision
  • Celebrate successes
  • Reward employees involved in the improvements
  • Reinvigorate the processes with new projects, themes and change agents
  • Assess and adjust when needed to align
  • Ensure new approaches are sustained
  • Communicate connections between new behaviors and successes
  • Establish processes for governance ensuring alignment
Kotter's 8 steps

IT Identifying & Implementing
Enabling Technologies

Cloud Computing is a key enabler to this change... But there are others including Big Data & Analytics, DevOps & CI/CD, Mobile Workforce, Automation, IOT, Machine Learning and AI and still others emerging.

The New Culture Reinforcing Changes

Business change greatly impacts an organization's culture. This new culture now quickly sees and takes advantage of opportunities and naturally brings innovative thinking to all projects.

  • Adapt
  • Embrace Feedback
  • Govern
Reinforcement wheel

Continuously Innovating

By embracing and acting on feedback and ensuring sound governance processes to stay the new course, business continuously innovates.

Edge Services

We work diligently to ensure your Digital Transformation is set up to succeed, thoughtfully addressing each of these key components.  We’ll help you achieve your goals throughout the process but ultimately provide you with the capabilities, processes, tools and technologies to maximize and sustain business agility.

Our Digital Transformation Advisory engagement gives you everything you need to start your journey on the right track.  This typically includes:

  • Discovery:  business goals, current state and likely trajectory without change, opportunities for your company in your industry, Technology Footprint;
  • Analysis, Collaboration & Assessment:  biggest opportunities, differentiators, value, technology options;
  • Recommendations: Organizational Alignment, Solutions, Partners, Roadmaps.
Our Implementation Services take you through the next steps.  We provide:
  • Planning:  High Level Strategic Plan, Implementation Plans;
  • Outputs:  Guiding Principles, KPIs, Best Practices, Architectural Designs, Technology Stacks;
  • Guidance: Staffing, Organizational Operational Models, Governance Models.
Our Execution Services will run the program for you.  We provide:
  • Program and Project Leadership;
  • Architecture and Engineering Services;
  • Crews to deliver Technology Components, Tools and Integrations;
  • Transition and Knowledge Transfer.